Is it time to hire a professional arborist in Grand Marais to take down some trees on your property? In this article, we list 7 of the most important things you should consider when hiring a company for the job. Our team at Red Beard’s Tree Removal is dedicated to providing exceptional service at competitive rates. Give us a call to get started with a free estimate!

Liability Insurance & Worker’s Compensation Insurance

This is a must. The company you hire must possess the needed insurance to protect you as the property owner! Make sure it has worker’s compensation insurance so that you are protected in case one of the employees gets injured on your property during an accident. 

The business should also have liability insurance – this covers any damage to your property that results from the company’s work.

Business License

Double check to make sure the business you’re considering hiring has an up-to-date business license! Every tree company is required to have a license to conduct business. Don’t hesitate to ask the company for proof of licensure.

Credentials & Training

Inquire about the training procedures and the credentials the company possesses. The employees must have extensive industry experience. You can also inquire about the backgrounds of the employees since you want people who you can trust working on your property.

When it comes to credentials, ensure there will be certified arborists on the job. Some certifications you can ask about are Climber Safety Certified, AED and CPR Trained, and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist.

Customer Reviews

Reviews speak volumes. Everyone, including you and me, often relies on customer reviews to help guide us to either purchase a product/service or not. Do your due diligence and take the time to read as many reviews as you can to get a good picture of the company and the quality of its services. An arborist worth hiring will have several great customer reviews.

Safety Protocols 

Safety is key! Inquire about the safety protocols the business has in place as well as the personal protective equipment the employees use. You want to hire a company that cares not only for you as the homeowner but also for its employees’ safety and welfare. Hire responsibly!

Tools & Equipment

Ask about the tools and equipment the employees use. It might be good to know whether they rent larger equipment, such as cranes, or if they have everything they could potentially need. This could sometimes give you a good idea of the company’s experience and amount of time in the industry.

Detailed Estimates

We recommend comparing at least 3 estimates to ensure you’re getting a fair price. An estimate should be detailed and list all the costs so that you’re not surprised by hidden fees down the road.

Hire a Professional Arborist!

Whether you need a tree removed, trimmed, pruned, or are looking for wildfire mitigation services in Cook County, it’s best to hire a local professional with the skillset and expertise needed to get the job done safely and correctly. 

Red Beard’s Tree Removal would be happy to help you. Feel free to reach out to us today and inquire about each component discussed in this article. We’d be happy to answer other questions you may have about our services, processes, ratings, and more. We’re excited to help you!

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